Q&A with Adam Kasson | How a Laser Welder Can Grow Your Jewelry Business

Our Jewelry Account Manager Adam Kasson breaks down the benefits of investing in a laser welder. Read below in our Q&A.

What can I do with a laser welder?

  • Repair jewelry with heat sensitive gemstones without having to remove them.
  • Rebuild prongs with stones in place.
  • Get into tight areas that a torch cannot.
  • Assemble pieces at a speedy rate.
  • Highly controlled precision micro spot welding opens up new avenues for the type of work you can do.

What are the advantages of a laser welder? 

  • Time is money! The amount of time saved with a laser welder will allow you to get more work done. This benchmark will pay for a monthly finance payment and still net you profit.
  • A laser welder will give you higher quality repairs by using precious metal wire and not a lower temp metal, such as solder. Because of a laser’s efficiency, you can accomplish twice the volume of work in half the time. You also don’t have to wear protective eyewear when working on platinum, which is the easiest metal to work with on a laser welder.
  • If you do repair work and you don’t own a laser, you can almost guarantee your competitor has one. Never give the customer a reason to go elsewhere.
    For applications outside of jewelry repair, specifically manufacturing and casting defects or custom jewelry, the laser offers a level of speed and proficiency that is otherwise not attainable.

When does investing in a laser welder make sense? 

  • When your scope of work calls for highly precise spot welding
  • When you take in 5 or more repair jobs on a weekly basis
  • When you are a manufacturer who is repairing porosity
  • When you are a designer and fabricate intricate jewelry
  • When you work with Platinum

Interested in learning more about laser welding? Join our Free Virtual Laser Seminar on February 18th. Adam Kasson and Master Jeweler Matt Lang will discuss how Sisma laser welders are essential machines for both jewelry repair and manufacturing.

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